Heimlich: Levent Feizi im Heimat Zine

Für die dritte Ausgabe wollten wir von euch wissen: Wie ist das eigentlich mit den Dingen, die wir für uns behalten? Levent Feizi hat uns nicht nur in seine Interpretation dieser Frage eingeweiht, sondern stellt auch sich und seine kreative Arbeit vor.

Levent is my name and I like looking at things and people. Sometimes I take photos, other times I play with music in various (performing) ways; I also enjoy writing surrealistic stories and reviewing interesting music albums. You can find me online and I’d be happy to debate whatever might intrigue you about my work.

Make up a secret about someone or something you know.
Secrecy is relative. In fact, most secrets don’t exist. Sooner or later they get to be shared, but it’s just details people involved normally don’t want you to talk about. So yes, I could make up a secret about my flatmate’s parents, by claiming they used to be informants during communism era and that might be embarrassing, but what do I care? I like my flatmate and I barely know his parents.
I used to know a lady friend, she was always like “let’s have secrets” or “let’s speak our own secret language”. This unnecessary urge was there because she couldn’t speak our friends’ Italian and having secrets was simply pretending to know things others don’t. I found this situation shallow, considering she was barely keeping any secrets at all and none of our friends was disregarding or neglecting her.
Making up secrets about someone is like trying to invent a personal story. The second such story becomes a secret you lose its personal characteristics, as secrets are being rarely kept. True secrets don’t get to be shared, unless we’re speaking about intimacy, private life or inner thoughts which you share to a close friend. If you are a good spy, no-one will know about you. No data, no secrets.
One day probably, people will be mentally evolved enough to realize that being open, fair and honest is very, very relaxing.

Ask someone else or yourself: What is a mystery to you?
According to dictionaries, a mystery is something difficult or impossible to understand or explain. If you ask me, people are the world’s greatest mystery, we all experience absurd contexts constantly and entirely caused by people from everywhere. However, if you learn to accept nonsense, you get to live more comfortably, even if you fight against it once in a while. Isn’t it absurd?

Illustrate something secret graphically.
Let’s say I own a photo of my flatmate sleeping on a chair in front of his laptop. Since I know he’d feel embarrassed if I share it, I won’t do it. This means the photo becomes a secret and I’m the only one knowing about it, even though it is amusing and I usually share when it comes to laughing with my friends. In this case, the frustration I feel is minimal and easy to cope with. I imagine the bigger the secret, the bigger the frustration, pressure, discomfort or stress. If you have too many secrets, you might also have problems communicating; secrets are not to be shared. Sadly, too many times sharing a secret involves gossiping, blackmailing or lying and it’s not fair, neither responsible.

Foto und Text: Levent Feizi

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