Loks Heimat

Wir baten euch zur Revision und damit, uns zu schreiben, was sich für euch hinter dem Begriff Heimat verbirgt. Und das hat Lok getan.

Thinking of home and what it means to you, when was the moment you felt the most far away from it?
I always miss my home/homeland so much. I was born and bred in a hilly region of eastern Nepal. Me and my family moved to a city when I was 14 where I furthered my education. Therefore, when I hear the word 'Home/Homeland', it reminds me those two places. I couldn't understand what home/homeland 'really' meant to me until I came here in London to pursue my studies. Being away from sweet home and the loved ones from homeland i.e. family and friends was never going to be easy, I knew. But to experience this personally is even harder than it seemed in my thoughts. Hence, this is the moment when I felt the most far away from home. And when I think about home/homeland, it reminds me of my childhood, love and care of my loved ones, the nice food cooked by my mom, the little lovely frequent fight with my dear brother etc. For your information, 'Mother and motherland are greater than heaven': the motto of the country I belong to; Nepal.

How did it feel to return after being away for a long/short/intensive time?
I haven't been back home since I came here almost 3 years ago. Nontheless I try to imagine time and again how it would feel when I'd return home. It definitely will be one of the happiest moments in my life. I will be surrounded by my loved ones and the time I will spend with them will be an unforgettable one. I will be able to recall my childhood and early youthhood. I will feel the love and warmth once again that I felt years ago.

Did you find home somewhere else than the place you grew up already and what makes this place home for you?
Yes, I did find home in some other place than the place I was born and grew up. Home is about being comfortable where you dwell and be happy. I was comfortable in the new place where we moved. I got the same love from my family and I could make some good friends there as well. Therefore, though these two places are geographically different they both are home to me. They both are like heaven to me.

Foto: Heimat Zine

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